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Suratourism @ Tanjung Surat, Johor, Malaysia / 

Pulau Tekong, Singapore Changi International Airport



Surat recreation / seafood center is located on an island. It is at the mouth of Johor River, Tanjung Surat, Johor, Malaysia with an area of 4.331 acres. It is a freehold land and an international tourism lot.


It is close to the border of Pulau Tekong and Singapore Changi International Airport,both with Custom Immigration Quarantine (C. I. Q). Thus, it is convenient for international and Singapore visitors, interested party, please contact

                                                                                                                                   Project Planner Mr.Edmund Choo


靠近德光岛,新加坡樟宜国际机场,双边界附有移民与检疫关卡,因此方便新加坡与国际旅客到访, 有意者请联络


Changi area hotel
room per night
from SGD $180
Sentosa area hotel
room per night
from SGD $380
Marina Bay area hotel
room per night
from SGD $400
Chinatown area hotel
room per night
from SGD $260
Bugis area hotel
room per night
from SGD $180
Suratourism hotel
room per night
from MYR 200
room size from 350 sq/ft
transport return sgd $15
Golden Opportunity​
​      最佳机会
  Jewel Location

Surat Recreation / Seafood Center's  vicinity is mostly State-owned land and Malay reserved lot. While this is the only hotel for lease near Singapore Changi International Airport which provides market-guarantee by the landlord, subject to terms and conditions. For more information, please refer to the proposal.




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   Agents are welcome, subject to owner approval, 欢迎代理商,需得到业主同意


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