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Hotel lease / proposal of market guarantee / Floor plan of rooms
  酒店租赁              建议市场保证                         房间平面图     

Approximately 500 hotel rooms or more for a lease of 30 years, we are looking 3 to 4 stars or signature class operators, rental will MYR 4.00 PSF+ 8% of the revenue. 

业主欲徵寻 3-4 星级或经典酒店经营者,管理酒店大房350间或更多,供租赁30年。

租金每平方呎4.00令吉+ 8%的营业收入。



Deposit to secure the lease, as following:

​      租赁按押金如下


350 sqf方呎 x MYR 4.00 + 8%=MYR1,800 per room/month 每房/月

500 units 间 x 30 years 年 = US$10,000,000 & US$25,000,000 to secure the lease 租赁押金

 If 1000 units Deposit X 2

The landlord will provide interest rate equal to three major local bank Fixed Deposit rate.



The lessee shall prepare decoration fee about MYR 30,000 to 35,000 for each room, and other beginning operating fees.



Proposal of market guarantee



1. The revenue of hotel 500 rooms first pays for operation fee to staff salaries, utilities, site communication fees, and  other direct costs. No director fee covered under market guarantee.


2. Second pays for the rental, third pay to the lessee, above mention one year subject to Terms & conditions.


3. After completion of the project, landlord will look financial loan refund 80% of deposit to lessee.

4. We are looking for an EPC (Engineering, Procurement, and Construction) party for the construction of the building.

5. The estimated calculation of the projected revenue, operational fee, and profits are available below.

a. 500大房的营业收入, 第一先付职员薪金, 水电费, 此地点的交通与资讯费。

b. 剩余营业收入, 才付租金。

c. 多余归于租赁者,以上附有时间与条件。

d. 业主欲征寻垫资承包商。

e. 预计项目营业收入 / 运作费 / 收益如下


Estimate revenue 

MYR170 x 500间x30 Days天=

MYR2,555,000 (per month月)

MYR2,550,000 x 12月 x 30 Years年= Rm 918,000,000 (total)

Estimate Rental/ Operation fee               租金 /运作费





Rm250,000(operation 营运费fee/month月)x12月x30年=


Estimate profit
​    预计收益

Profit of lease 30years租赁收益





Rm504,000,000    营业收益

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