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Project Introduction

Surat Recreation / Seafood Centre

1. Suratourism is a jewel project approved by the local authority. The building plan is available for your perusal upon request.


2. The landlord will provide basic facility and structure of the building.


3. From Changi Point Jetty to Tg. Belungkor Ferry Terminal both with Custom Immigration Quarantine. It is about 9 km away.  Surat Recreation / Seafood Center is about 0.5 km away from Belungkor Ferry Terminal, total travel journey time is about  25 minute, Therefore, it is convenient for international and  Singapore visitors to travel there.


4. It takes about 40 minutes by speed boat from MBS and RWS to Surat Recreation / Seafood Centre.


5. There are no industrial factories operating on the island and it is  about 30 km away from RAPID. Hence, there is no air pollution.


6. We shall provide two 5-star air-condition restrooms for both male and female.


7. Occasionally, mobile phones would receive Singapore frequency (or reception) with 3 bars, because the nearest border from the destination is Pulau Tekong, Singapore.


8. For any transactions there, we shall accept Malaysia Ringgit  (MYR) as it is more valuable at Suratourism.

Real Golden Opportunity

The only jewel land and excellent location in the current market.

Investment and management of Tourism projects in Malaysia have tax-free incentives with terms and conditions.

Price and details subject to change without prior notice.

                                                   Project planner: Mr.Edmund Choo










7.此景点偶尔可以收到新加坡手机频率3 级,因为靠近的边界是新加坡德光岛。










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